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Are you a new mom? or you know someone who is? And you don’t know what to do?

Well, don’t worry we are here to help you and give you important Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs Parenting

here are more the 10 things you should do and/or look for with the newborn angel:  

1. Enjoy your time with your baby:

Woman in Gray Sweater Carrying Toddler in White Button-up Shirt, parenting

when you are with the baby “be with him”. don’t worry and think about other things like doing the laundry, pumping, buying diapers…etc.

2. Food time:

Boy, Eating, Chocolate, Muffin, Smiling, Dirty, Brown

don’t worry about his/her food time, when he/she is hungry you will know (mostly by crying), of course, that will come over time and experience.

3. Don’t panic or get scared:

sometimes your baby is crying for no reason, and you don’t know what to do, well relax because mostly he just needs your attention to pick him/her up, sing for him.

4. Bedtime:

Baby, Boy, Son, Child, Infant, Kid, Cute, Little, Happy

your baby needs to sleep so he is asleep and tries not to wake him up.

5. “Hope for the best, and expect the worst”:

your baby won’t be always healthy, sometimes he will get sick, so be ready for those days, have a doctor on standby, go to meetings about it…

6. Join other people with babies:

this will help you know and share, all the things about baby’s and how to nurture them.

7. Have some me-time:  

you need to do this, so you will have the energy and strength, to nurture your baby and be happy at the same time.

8. Show your angel love:

your baby needs to know that he is loved and that someone cares about him

9. Be at your best:

your baby needs to learn the qualities and Behavior and be a good kid, so remember that he/she watching and copying you.

10. Step by step toward changes:

Family Of Four Walking At The Street

as your baby grows you should also make some changes, and remember to go easy on him and teach him to step by step, (1000 mile trip starts with one step).

We will continue the rest newt time.

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