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8 Things you do not know about the new baby

Learn strange things that only happen with a newborn that may surprise you:

Of course, the body of the new baby differs in many ways from the old children or adults, but here we will introduce you to eight strange things that may surprise you:

Their stool without an unpleasant smell

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Newborn stools are known as “meconium” and are distinguished by their dark black color and being oily without bad smell or stinking. These stools are mucus, fluids, cells, and food that the fetus ingested while in the womb.

Because of the absence of beneficial intestinal bacteria in the newborn, the smell of feces is not unpleasant.

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They may stop breathing

Strange information, however, that newborn babies may stop breathing for 5 to 10 seconds when they sleep, and this is sufficient time to make the mother or father feel dismayed.

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In the event that your child stops breathing for a long time, or becomes blue, this may be a sign of danger and a medical emergency.

In some cases, such as the baby’s crying condition, the opposite may happen and the number of breathing times increases, so you find it takes sixty breaths per minute.

Taste buds on the tonsils

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Although a newborn has the same number of sensors or so-called buds as the sense of taste found in children and older, it covers more areas, including the tonsils and the back of the throat.

A newborn can taste sweet, sour, and sour, but they can’t taste salty until 5 months old.

So breast milk is sweet in taste, while bitter, sour and salty may be harmful to it at this point. When the solid food phase begins, the child may be tempted to taste the foods that the mother had eaten during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

They cry without tears

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the Baby begins to cry about 2-3 weeks after birth, but this is without tears until they are one month old.

Children crying without cause is usually noisier and at its height after about 46 weeks of birth, or at 6-8 weeks of age. However, this stage soon ends after the first three months, so parents should prepare themselves and expect to receive this stage.

They have boobs

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the newborn is born with small breasts, whether male or female. It is formed because the fetus absorbs the estrogen hormone from the mother, but it quickly disappears within a few weeks.

They prefer to have their face tilted to the right

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Only 15% of newborns prefer to turn their faces to the left when sleeping or lying on their backs, while the rest, the largest, prefers to direct her head to the right, and this may be similar to the fact that people prefer to use the right hand more.

More brain cells

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The newborn’s brain size will grow and grow to double the size after his first year. However, the neonate’s brain contains the nerve cells needed to transfer neural gonorrhea with more adults.

Penis erection

In a newborn male child, penile erection is likely to occur before urination, as if it were a natural warning for the mother to be alerted if her baby was not preserved, as the small penis may seem large after birth and this is normal that does not cause anxiety or shame, maternal hormones during pregnancy may It plays a big role in these phenomena.

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