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We will cover the average 8-month-old baby schedule, including feeding, naps, and night-time sleep.

8 month Old’s sleep time

At this age, a lot of 8-month-olds can sleep through the night, but some won’t and will continue to need 1-2 feedings up through nine+ months old. And, 8-month-old babies take two-three naps daily for a total of 2-3h’s per day plus 11-12 hours at night.

Here are some great schedules you can use for your angel(change them as your baby develops). We should warn you that we recommend breast-milk over formula all the time.

We talk in our blog about all the great recommendations about how and when to start solids, as well as information about allergies, good products, baby recipes, and extra.

The quantity of food for 8 months old is very similar to the 7-month baby, but you will most likely go to three small meals per day, rather than just two.

Quantities per day:

Minimum of 5 breastfeeding per day or 25-31 ounces formula-milk

try not to give him more then 2-4 oz of liquid (water/ juice) and that is to ensure he will drink enough breast-milk or formula-milk.

Between 2-3 x of baby cereal or grains (1 x of cereal = 1-2 Tablespoons dry and grains include Cheerios, or two crackers, extra)

have him eat 2 q of fruit (1q = 2 to 3 Tablespoons)

give him 2 to 3 x of vegetable (1x = 2-3)

from 1 to 2 q of protein (1q = 1-2 spoons)

1 Dairy (1 = half cup of yogurt, third cup of cottage cheese or one oz of grated cheese)

Also offer boiled eggs-yolk (but no egg’s white until one year old due to allergens — ask your doctor)

Now Here are two awesome schedules for you baby

Schedule 1

Schedule 2



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