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here you will find all of the information and steps to help you know a little bit more about your newborn and how to take care of him

what babies-newborn-should wear to bed

When you first bring baby home, he or she will sleep most of the time. According to experts on newborn sleep, infants need a whopping 16-17 hours of rest every 24 hours! To encourage your little one’s comfort and tranquility, they will need plenty of...

8 Things you don’t know about the newborn baby!!!

surprised women
8 Things you do not know about the new baby Learn strange things that only happen with a newborn that may surprise you: Of course, the body of the new baby differs in many ways from the old children or adults, but here we will introduce...

Your child’s stool color: is it normal?

baby in a diaper
Usually, the stool color of children varies in terms of color, smell and shape, but today we will focus on the stool of the infant (up to 2 years) and its different significance according to color. Black stool Usually, the first...


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